Web Strategy Reading: Sept 10, 2007

Suggested Reading from the last week:

  • What should a Presidential candidate’s website look like? A checklist of features
  • The Marker, one of the top Hebrew news publications has translated my post into Hebrew. The English version is available: How blogs can help corporations.
  • Top competitors of online video market This is very important data.
  • How to get on Digg.com? Traffic analysis of Digg, it’s slowing down? (link via Dave
  • Is feedreading getting the best of you? Marshall has some tips
  • Dangers of blogs and social networking sites leaking trade secrets
  • Rohit of Ogilvy has some rules of engagement for PR folks to pitch bloggers
  • Evolving the Traditional website–great resource!
  • Important: I’m updating my Shared Feed from Google reader, you may want to subscribe to that. What’s a shared feed? It’s the ‘best of’ that crosses my feedreader, and I want you to read it.