August Capital mixes, shakes, and stirrs Startups and Investors

The exclusive event this week wasn’t Office 2.0, it was actually a private party at August Capital, where I was able to get invited thanks to colleague Jennifer Jones. August Capital is one of the premiere VC groups in Silicon Valley, strategically located off Sand Hill road, it sports the famous blogger podcaster VC David Hornick and friends. You can learn about the many companies in it’s investment portfolio, including Six Apart, Postini, VideoEgg, Seagate and many others.

It was an interesting mix of two worlds combining, creative hipster bloggerarti startup geeks, mixed with the polished ivy league venture capitalists, there’s never a dull party in Silicon Valley.

August hosted at least two Techcrunch parties, the most recent, I snuck up on the balcony and took some pictures, which eventually were published in the San Jose Mercury, they’ve a great office. The gourmet food kept on coming, from appetizers, drinks, roasted beef, smoked salmon, and then the dangerous desert trays. One simply had to stay standing as the wait staff continued to flow dish after dish as the live jazz trio jammed as the sun set.

Prestigious Sand Hill is known as the investment center for startups in Silicon Valley. Ironically, cell phone reception, and 3G wireless access is very limited, I’m not sure how anybody gets anything done.

Kara Swisher, who I was glad to finally meet, took some video from her cool camera (see pictures below)

I took a few pictures of the event, looking forward to the next one.

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