2 Minute Video with TechCrunch’s Mark Hendrickson on the Social Networking Industry

(Above: Video Interview with Mark Hendrickson of Techcrunch, if you’re reading this in a feedreader or email subscription, please visit the post)

Mark is one of the new young editors at TechCrunch, I was really pleased to have lunch with him at Counters, a great burger joint in Palo Alto.

We have a common interest, as he used my list of White Label Social Networking companies to develop analysis of these 9 companies, 34 more, and then built out a useful matrix. These all help the web strategist in their decision making.

I ask Mark what the thinks of the industry, find out what TechCrunch says to these questions:

  • A summary of who’s who in the White Label Social Network
  • Who’s the Underdog we should watch for?
  • What companies are over-hyped?
  • Thanks Mark, we look forward to more of your coverage of the space. If you like these mini interviews I do with technologists, let me know, give me your feedback.