List of Companies that Aggregate Social Networks and Digital Lifestyle Aggregators

I’ve been creating these industry lists for a variety of segments for quite a while, it helps me to keep an eye on the industry, as well as help the web strategist find resources to improve their strategy.

I’ve noticed a recent trend of social network aggregators and digital lifestyle aggregators, the purpose? To collect all of one’s network data (flickr, myspace, facebook, bebo, twitter) on to one page or website. Please note this is NOT Digital Lifestyle Aggregation, which includes other media from other devices, my list is web based only.

You should also be aware of the Social Graph, a technology concept that will make the relationships within a network portable for export and import. The challenge? As a society, we’re not sure if the network relationships within one site will work with others (LinkedIn vs MySpace), users may have multiple online personas. While you’re at it, be aware of Open ID, which provides a universal login ID, A noble concept, but requires a marketing strategy.

List of Companies that Aggregate Social Networks (not in any order)

Facebook’s F8
The application platform and newspage has opportunity to pull in data from multiple networks.

Pulse by Plaxo
“People you know are creating great online content everyday: photos, blogs, wishlists, playlists, profiles, and more, all over the web. Until now, this stuff has been difficult to discover — and even harder to stay on top of. That’s why we made Pulse.”

People Aggregator
“Integrate – a wide range of social networking, blogging, communication, mobile and media applications and services together. These integrated environments present an easy to use, comprehensive experience to end-users. Aggregates – a wide range of content, people, resources, devices and assets into a comprehensive easy to access interface. Anything can be subscribed to, monitored and tracked – but privacy and limited access can also be applied to any data or content.” (read more)

“welcome you to the Beta release of our great new social service, designed to enhance your online social experience. MyLifeBrand has been created to simplify the online social experience that you want to have by allowing you to essentially create your own portal to the networks and communities that you care about.”

“8hands offer you the ability to IM all of your social network friends, and to share your online content (YouTube videos, Flickr Pictures, ect.) with them by a simple drag & drop feature.”

Plaxo’s Pulse
“The easiest way to stay connected is now also the easiest way to share just about anything. Pulse now brings you “people feeds” from all over the web:”

“Tie all your Profile, Contact, and Bookmark links together in one place, then share them. SIGN UP quickly to create your new URL, so you can promote and share your entire Online Identity.”

“Tired of checking your friends’ websites one by one? Use Spokeo to track all your friends’ blogs, pics and videos”

“FriendFeed makes it easy to keep track of the web pages, videos, music, and photos your friends and family interact with around the Internet. The site is currently in a private beta-testing period.”

To Watch: Google
Google may be gearing up to enter this market.

Update: Looks like Adam has already been working on a list.

I’m noticing a trend that Browsers could also be Digital Life Style Aggregators.

Know of other aggregators? you know the drill, leave a comment!