Don’t worry Dell, you’re not Irrelevant

The folks at Dell have done an amazing job from being blind sided to social media, to being THE case study each speaker referenced at the Social Media Club event I spoke at a few months ago. Laura writes from the official Dell blog that:

“How will we know if it works? If customers tell us it is easier to find the right level of information they need-whether that means finding support for existing products or researching information for future purchases, or adding to the conversation. We don’t want to be an Irrelevant Corporate Website. To us, that means integrating community sites such as this blog, the Dell Community Forum, StudioDell and more. Customers like jorge are telling us the same thing on IdeaStorm.”

Dell’s not the only one who implemented IdeaStorm, SalesForce launched a tool like this, and WebEx is also taking a look. (I learned at today’s panel at Office 2.0). The savvy companies are integrating the community, their voice, and their wishes right into the corporate website, when customers take charge, and companies let go, it’s a beautiful thing. It’s not always going to be perfect, we know that sometimes customers vote differently with their dollars than they do with their mouths, but things are moving closer to ideal.