Exclusive interview of Eric Eldon of VentureBeat

Eric Eldon of VentureBeat was one of those kind souls to reach out to me and interview me during this transition period, he’s one of those star reporters that folks like me want to talk to . He invited me for coffee in downtown Palo Alto, where we discussed the future of the tech industry, web, and that insane blogosphere I call home.

It’s pretty funny that the cafe he chose has to have “Free Wifi”, (see video) we’re a wired generation. Eric’s a smart guy, as a graduate of Stanford, he’s one of the most up and coming journalists in the Silicon Valley area, so you best get to know him. In the interview, I asked him about which company to watch for, watch the video above to find out what he says (and you’ll also want to know the story about his unique laptop).

Update: Since this video was taken, Eric interviewed me over the phone and has published this article. What’s the best thing about ‘social’ media? The fact that I get to turn the camera on reporters, and ask questions about them, many reporters get to meet so many interesting folks, they have more insight than the subjects they follow.