Beyond Business: Impacts of VoIP and Live Streaming on the family dynamic

VoIP and Live Streaming, in my opinion, have revolutionized the communication industry. Anyone with computer and internet connection can connect with anyone else on the planet, for real time voice and video communications. The clincher? Such tools require a few dollars and commodity internet access –nearly everyone can get in on the conversation. Skype connects a family Recently, an Uncle and Auntie of mine recently moved to the Middle East for a off country teaching assignment, in a city known for violence, assassinations and unrest. Yesterday, during a local family get together we were able to arrange a time to call them, and we piped over a video stream to them. We could hear their audio only. I was able … Continue readingBeyond Business: Impacts of VoIP and Live Streaming on the family dynamic

Letters to the Editor: Career Pathing to a Web Strategy role

Why a career “path”? As there are several steps to take to move into a web management role, don’t worry, with dedication it’s not difficult. I’m getting more and more emails every day, please note that I read them all but due to the sheer volume, I won’t respond to all. In particular, I’m getting more questions about “how does one become a web strategist, or a web director”. Mary noticed that I started my career in web as a UI designer, much like her current role. She has ambitions to climb into the director’s chair and make calls for the direction of the website. She emailed me the following and gave me permission to blog it, I’m not going … Continue readingLetters to the Editor: Career Pathing to a Web Strategy role

Vidfest spurs Vancouver’s Digital Film Industry to Mix with Social Media

There was a unique intersection of Social Media and Digital Film creators at Vancouver’s Digital Film conference called VidFest. I was one of the panelists discussion online identity, where the worlds of Facebook, Online Video and Second Life mixed and mashed, it was great fun, Megan Cole (who takes meaningful photos) did a fantastic job moderating. I really found the debate panel on the Web 2.0 Democracy or Mob Mentality, Andrew Keen the author of Cult of the Amateur made some very valid points, despite his pessimistic attitude. Thanks to Kelly Verchere for all her organization, and Lynda Brown for putting it all together. There was an unique intersection between the film industry present, and another crew from the social … Continue readingVidfest spurs Vancouver’s Digital Film Industry to Mix with Social Media

Time Warp

We had our dates mixed up about a recent announcement, so I’ve temporarily removed one of my latest posts. It will go live exactly as originally posted once I fix my sundial. In the meantime, check out my favorite flickr photos. Update: After some time, the site is now live, and I published the post exactly as promised.

The lost tapes of the Web Strategy Show

This is an apology post, and a request for help. Sadly, due to leaving of PodTech, some of my video on DV tape will not be published. I really want to apologize to the folks that were interviewed as I took up your valuable time. Although awesome Rocky is publishing just a few more interviews that were already cut, he’s rightfully no longer obligated to edit them as I’m no longer with the company. If there are any junior video editors out there that are interested in a side project to transfer DV tapes and publish (maybe 10 segments), very minor editing is required. I’d be happy to talk with you, we could work something out, please leave a comment … Continue readingThe lost tapes of the Web Strategy Show

InnoCentre: HongKong’s Government Sponsored Incubator

Amanda Greets me at Innocentre The Atrium features products and designs Communal Cafeteria Grand Atrium This is another special Silicon Valley Sightings Asia Edition, view the archives. I had the absolute pleasure to take a tour of Hong Kong’s InnoCentre (on the Kowloon side) from Amanda Lau, head of Marketing of JiJiJa. This is just days after my tour of Cyberport on Hong Kong Island. InnoCentre is a government sponsored incubator that promotes emerging companies by providing office space, business amenities like meeting rooms, copier rooms, and even funding –without taking any equity. There’s few VCs in Silicon Valley that can boast that type of model. For startups, even the little things matter, from impressing clients in a real meeting … Continue readingInnoCentre: HongKong’s Government Sponsored Incubator

A victim of my own doing and how to be a dumbass in Facebook

I screwed up, in fact this is a very embarrassing, but there’s a lesson to be learned and the majority of you all will benefit, if not be entertained. As you know, if you add me on Facebook, I’ll add you back. To me, Facebook is a business and personal networking tool unlike any other I’ve ever used. I’m pretty cavalier and liberal on what I let people send to me, such as dedicating songs. In the past, my wife has dedicated some songs to me, some of them are personal, and some trigger some inside jokes between us. Recently, someone I don’t personally know dedicated a song to her entire network of friends, which included me. It was called … Continue readingA victim of my own doing and how to be a dumbass in Facebook

Web Strategy Field Report: The Hong Kong and China Web Sphere (Part 1 of 4)

(Left: Hong Kong Harbor at night) Navigate to other reports | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Summary I ventured to Hong Kong and met with many of the web industry leaders, below is part 1 of 4 of my Web Strategy Field Report to understand the web sphere in Hong Kong and China. If you’re a web strategist with global responsibilities you’ll need to understand what’s happening in one of the world’s largest internet user base. Opportunity To date, there are more Chinese internet users than all of North America combined, and only a portion of China is full online, the potential has not yet been tapped. Simply re-skinning your website in Chinese … Continue readingWeb Strategy Field Report: The Hong Kong and China Web Sphere (Part 1 of 4)

Lunch 2.0 at Family Oven

Click To Play Sadly, my schedule has been too impacted for me to attend many of the Lunch 2.0 community events that are springing up just about everywhere. Yesterday, I was at familyoven’s kickoff lunch party, they hosted in gourmet style atop a rooftop in North Beach where they live/work. Dozens met for drinks, food, socialization and most impressively, the VIEW of all of SF on a clear, warm, slightly breezy day. It was easy to spot those used to the cold weather, they quickly sought shade. What’s Family Oven about? It’s a website focused on recipes, cooking, with social networking and event hooks. I can think of a few people in my family that would be far more interested … Continue readingLunch 2.0 at Family Oven

The First “Unofficial” Day

(View from Forrester’s office. I actually used to live right there on the Foster City lagoon on the left side apartments right on the water, on the right side, you can see the Oracle towers.) Today I went in to my ‘unofficial’ first day at Forrester. I don’t actually hit the payroll until Monday, but I’m getting my research agenda and had to meet some new clients while in town. The welcome was amazing, Charlene and staff are really wonderful. I’m very excited about the road ahead, and the topics that I’ll be covering are right in my area of focus, stay tuned, more goodness to come. I’m still getting a lot of questions about my future activity. Yes, I’ll … Continue readingThe First “Unofficial” Day