Pursuing the Web Strategy mission as a Forrester Analyst

For those that read this blog, you’ll know that I’m passionate about the web, I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be furthering the Web Strategy mission by accepting a new role at an amazing company.

Forrester Research, a perfect fit
I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be joining Forrester Research as a Senior Analyst focused on Social Computing for the Interactive Marketer. Forrester is the leading industry analyst firm focused on this emerging industry, and thanks to luminaries like Charlene Li and team, they’ve produced tremendous thought leadership in the space. They’ve produced a large growing library of resources, and as an analyst, I will also be conducting research, publishing reports, and advising Forrester’s clients. I really believe this to be a perfect fit and am excited to start on October 1st, 2007.

Thank you PodTech Network
Since Sept 2006, as the Director of Corporate Media Strategy, I’ve had the most amazing experience living in the epicenter of social media, and I’m thankful. I’ve met so many amazing people, worked with thought and practice leaders, and been part of amazing events like BlogHaus, PodTech is a training ground for talent. Having informed my colleagues of my change, I’ve received nothing from congratulations and support from James the CEO on down. I’m grateful to John Furrier for launching the company and hiring me on the team. On mutually good terms, I end my time at PodTech on Sept 14th, CEO James McCormick wishes me the best.

Pursuing the Web Strategy Mission
Why an analyst? This is native to me. If you check out my posts tagged Web Strategy, or the various industry lists that I’ve been collecting you’ll find that it’s not too different from what an Industry Analyst does. I enjoy writing, and have published 1,327 posts in the last 15 months (about 3 a day, including weekends). Like my role at PodTech, I’ll also be guiding corporations, helping them navigate the uncharted social computing sphere. I’ll continue to write publications, consult, and speak. Social computing is native to me, before PodTech I deployed the social media program at Hitachi Data Systems, Shel has the story.

Stepping down from Board of Advisors
As an Analyst, Ill be unbiased in my analysis and reports, sadly, I’m stepping down from the Board of Advisors for WaterCooler (a successful Facebook applications company) and UStream.tv (live interactive video streaming).

What will happen with the Web Strategy Mission? It will continue to evolve, and now I’ll be working with the top analytical minds in the industry. For corporations, the journey is just starting, so stay close to me: subscribe to this blog, follow me on Twitter (where I first announced this), friend me at Facebook or find peers by joining the Web Strategy Community.

It’s going to be exciting, I’ll be able to serve the web industry as an analyst at Forrester Research!

I’m going to take a few days off from blogging, see you in Facebook!