Web Strategy Show: Intel’s Internet Strategist on Business Blogging

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to interview a real Web Strategist in the field, Intel’s Internet and Marketing Strategist in Portland at the ISF conference. It was pretty unique opportunity, I had colleague, friend, and famous blog/vlogger as my cameraman (you should know who that is). I’m able to ask Bryan Rhoades a number of questions, from concept, practice, to best practice on business blogging and what it means to a Fortune 1000 company.

Intel has deployed a few blogs, most uniquely the IT @ Intel blog, Intel Software Network, and community evangelist, Josh Bancroft, in the spirit of an organic blogger (it was just something he did).

Although Intel is my client, I wasn’t directly involved with their blogging strategy (we help with audio and video podcast), so they’ve really started to embrace social media as part of their culture. Why is social media important to Intel? We should look at it the other way around. The products that Intel creates power and fuel my laptop, 3G card, my modem, cell phone, camera, video camera and all the other digital media tools I use to build my online brand.

If you want to learn more about Bryan, I’ve done a text based interview with him a few months ago, check it out. If you want to see other Web Strategy Video shows (these are 10 minute video white papers) use the tag called “Web Strategy Show