SAP gets Community –what’s up with Oracle?

I’m at SAP’s campus in Palo Alto, they’re hosting a community roundtable, an event focused on Social Media and Community. This is my third or fourth time here at SAP, they host quite a few community events for social media. Their employees are here, (such as their “Chief Evangelist”) friendly and engaging.

Oracle has a HUGE campus down the freeway in Redwood Shores, yet they’ve never hosted a community event for the social media or web community that I know of.

Why? Like most companies, it’s part of their DNA, it may be due to the leadership, as culture is often defined that way.

I’ve suggested that Oracle host a Lunch 2,0 (A community event I’m connected to) and I wasn’t taken that seriously. My respected peer and former mentor Shel Israel is doing research for SAP (there are dozens of interviews) around social media and community, they get it. My colleague Robert Scoble doesn’t think they get any respect either.

What’s a community? Community is another word for Market, which is another term for customers and prospects. I guess Oracle just doesn’t get that yet it..and it’s not about having a lot of blogs.

Oracle, when are you going to open up? Microsoft did, Google is trying, I launched Hitachi’s community back in 2005 (not there anymore), and quite a few other tech companies. Let go a bit, we’re waiting, hoping, and waiting.

I’m being a little hard on Oracle, but when they open up, I’ll promote, show up, and blog it. Here’s just one way to get started.

Update: What’s up with Oracle? Jake has left a comment on this post, pointing to the Oracle blog, so far I’m impressed, from a first glance, it’s not pro-vendor, it’s topical. I’ll be keeping an eye out, thanks Jake.

Update 2: In October, Oracle has hosted a Lunch 2.0 it was a success with over 200 attendees.