Rules of Engagement for the Web Marketing Battleground: Wikipedia

As you now know, Web Marketing has spread off the corporate domain as the corporate website becomes less relevant. Websites like Wikipedia are important as they: 1) Result high in Search Results 2) Are deemed to be credible, independent sources 3) Where prospects look for market research (I conducted interviews at my previous role to find out this is true)

Wikipedia is one of the largest collections of human knowledge, given the ease that many can easily contribute to it. In a recent article by the New York Times, we’re now spotting fingerprints of corporations manipulating and deleting information for brand protection.

I attended Forrester’s Social Computing event where Charlene Li gave some practical advice:

-Consider assigning one employee to make changes, if at all.
-Be fair and unbiased (if possible)
-Consider using the discussion area on the site (not the main page)
-She gave a lot of other information, but I’ll leave it for her to blog

Monitoring Wikipedia regarding your brand, products, executives and competitors is absolutely mandatory for the Web Strategist, but before engaging, have a strategy that will help all readers, provide factual information, and of course, not end up in an embarrassing situation. Be sure to check out this helpful rules of engagement on wikipedia. Brian Oberkirch has strong suggestions for corporate folks not to edit any entries without being completely transparent.