Silicon Valley Sightings: Downtown Palo Alto

BarCamp at Social Text, Downtown Palo Alto

(Above: Social Text HQ is a prominanly located in Downtown Palo Alto, here seen hosting BarCamp Block)

Downtown Palo Alto (Google Map) is known for being the Mercedes Driving, Fendi wearing, poodle walking, yogurt eating upper class of old money in the Peninsula. This is changing.

Downtown Palo Alto has a bunch of young hip web startups that are appearing, most notable the ever present Facebook Headquarters. Situated on the same street as Stanford University, it attracts culture, strong minds, and lives the spirit of entrepreneuralism that college attracts. Many of these students stay, move right into startups, and then settle in the area.

While the culture is still not as open and hip as San Francisco, you’ll find great restaurants, wine bars, sidewalk cafes, and high end art stores. The best part of this area is the weather, for most of the months of the year, it’s moderate temperature and abundant sun makes live good. Sadly with great weather, access to upward paying jobs, and high quality of life comes the tax of expensive homes, you won’t find a home under $700,000, and that’s just a shack. Please note, East Palo Alto is a world apart from Downtown Palo Alto.

Notable tech folks in Palo Alto? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey and Larry (co-founders of Google) and Steve Jobs lives here, and here’s a picture of his house (see car). The birthplace of Silicon Valley is located here, learn about the HP Garage, just a few blocks down from University Ave, the main street.

Learn more about the greater city of Palo Alto (not just downtown) on the dedicated wikipedia page.

Notable web companies

SoftTech ventures
JotSpot (now Google)
Institute for the Future
Amazon’s A9 in Downtown Palo AltoPalo Alto towerPalo Alto is wonderfulPicture 1266

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