Understand Conversational Marketing with John Battelle

Great conversation with this WebEx commissioned podcast with John Battelle the founder and CEO of Federated Media. John’s a thought leader, speaker, and author, and luminary. He discusses how the marketing has shifted from broadcast (disruptive yelling) to conversational (exchanges in communities).

What you’ll learn:

Understand the changes between publishing and advertisers
Boing Boing’s rapid growth without spending a dollar on marketing
How the internet flattens the distribution curve
How are traditional marketers adopting conversational marketing?
Why packaged marketing is no longer viable
AOL as a case study
Who gets conversational marketing in the media business

Although we end up at the same ending point, my belief and practice area is on Community Marketing. Conversations are certainly part of the sphere, but I see conversations being a verb that is an output for a community. Lastly, communities can succeed without verbal or text conversations, gestures can indicate interest. In the end, we end up at the same point, just different ways of looking at the same solution.