Welcome Marketing Profs Community! Resources for you (and Survey Feedback)

(This following post is intended for the folks who attended my webinar, if you’re a regular reader, there’s still some healthy content in the links below)

You made it!

I just completed a Webinar with the Marketing Profs (a large and respected Marketing Resource group) with a few hundred folks, the topic: Podcasting, Video Blogging, and Live Streaming Video. In my final slide, I linked to this blog, and directed them here, so welcome!

I also promise to answer any questions that I wasn’t able to answer on this blog, depending on what it is, It’ll take time, so come back soon

There’s a few other resources that I’ve put together on this blog, it’s a great way to get started with social media, or dig in deeper with your existing strategy. As you know, I help many of our clients with social media strategies at PodTech.net.

Recommend Reading for your Social Media Strategy

Thinking Bigger
10 Social Media Strategies for 2007

Social Media Strategies (Podcast Interview)

Podcast Resources
Top Marketing Podcasts: Learn from the top Marketers

Video Blogging
Online Video is great for your executives (a project to get started)
Responding to Bad Press using Video, and Video Brand Hijacking

Online Streaming Video

Ustream: Jeremiah at Web 2.0
List of live streaming tools

Social Media Platforms

List of companies that provide White Label (Tools you can rebrand) Social Networking Tools
List of companies that provide online Collaboration Tools

Social Media Measurement
Companies that measure Social Media

Social Media and events

How to have a successful community event
Impacts of BlogHaus (An event that had 600-800 bloggers)

Advanced Concepts

Marketing is not on two domains only
Extranets move off the Corporate domain
Impacts of the Social Media on the Customer Reference Program
The many forms of Web Marketing
The Corporate Website is Irrelevant

Leave a comment if you’ve got suggestions or questions.

Get dialed in!
Want more? Aside from the excellent resources available at the Marketing Profs group, you can subscribe to this blog (I publish just about daily, check out my Web Strategy Video Show, join the community at the Web Strategy Group on Facebook, and add me as your friend. For the very bold who want to crawl inside my head, you can follow me on Twitter, and I’ll reciprocate)

Thanks again Marketing Profs for the great platform and resource to the Marketing Community.

Updates: Questions I didn’t answer in the live Q&A I promised to answer questions that I couldn’t answer, I’ll be leaving updates here:

1 Question: 41% of who was surveyed in your stats

2 Resource: The Many forms of Web Marketing (Folks may not know the difference between social media and interactive marketing)

3 Good Video Editing Software
-From the comments in the chat room uLead was recommended.
PC Mag reviews several software suites
-The pros at the PodTech office use Final Cut Pro for Mac (high end software)

4 Recommendations for Cameras

5 Need to convince upper management Social Media impacts Sales and Marketing? Read this very important report that shows that IT decision makers are influenced by Social Media.

Feedback from the Community: At the end of the webinar, folks were leaving responses on a survey, here’s what they said:

How well did the content of this online seminar meet your expectations?

Extremely well 41.9% 13
Very well 25.8% 8
Pretty well 29.0% 9
Not very well 3.2% 1
Not at all 0.0% 0
answered question 31

How could it have been improved?

1. really enjoyed the music at the beginning … a very nice touch — wish more people would do this type of thing. Thu, 8/9/07 10:39 AM
2. more troubleshooting tips….felt some questions were answered like a politician with dancing around the topic Thu, 8/9/07 10:36 AM
3. More information about content and messaging that works best. Thu, 8/9/07 10:36 AM
4. Better clarification on statistics and source Thu, 8/9/07 10:35 AM
5. evening out audio during the Q&A — Jeremiah was “miles away” so the volume had to cranked but the mod was much louder. it was a painful experience at times. eliminating the non-topic related chatter — i don’t need to know about someone’s tech geek hubby, etc. etc. it’s hard enough to follow the text and listen; don’t need the distracting back-of-the-class schtick Thu, 8/9/07 10:35 AM
6. more specific information in the presentation about recommended products & service providers show blog site websites as examples were good but hard to see. would be nice to have embedded links in PPT. more real life success stories personal response letting me know my question was in the queue Thu, 8/9/07 10:35 AM
7. live streaming of the presenter would have been an appropriate enhancement! Thu, 8/9/07 10:34 AM
8. It’s still a little bit of a “nebulous” subject… good overview tho. Thu, 8/9/07 10:33 AM
9. capability to see the referenced websites live Thu, 8/9/07 10:32 AM
10. live linking to the web for better illustration? Thu, 8/9/07 10:32 AM
11. nothing. Wait. winning the iPod. But that’s it. Excellent! This one seminar made me a lifetyle customer of Marketing Profs! 🙂 Thu, 8/9/07 12. More non-basic insights. Thu, 8/9/07 10:31 AM
13. A few more examples of how these strategies are being used in B2B. Thu, 8/9/07 10:31 AM
14. transcript of the audio — lots of gems whipped by too fast to write Thu, 8/9/07 10:31 AM
15. links and lists during the Q&A Thu, 8/9/07 10:31 AM
16. It was very well organized and showed a depth of subject matter knowledge. Not sure what I would suggest to improve it. Thu, 8/9/07 0:31 AM
17. more about webinars Thu, 8/9/07 10:29 AM
18. incorporating some live examples of podcasts, e.g. linking to a couple of them Thu, 8/9/07 10:11 AM
19. Less of an overview, more tactical how tos.

Would you recommend the seminar to a friend or colleague?

Yes 93.3% 28
No 6.7% 2

answered question 30

If you would recommend the seminar to a friend or colleague, what would you say?

1. you need to see this Thu, 8/9/07 10:39 AM
2. n/a Thu, 8/9/07 10:36 AM
3. Good info about the technology of online marketing through podcasts and streaming video. Gives a good overview. Thu, 8/9/07 10:36 AM
4. Good overview on podcasting and streaming – general intro was useful. Thu, 8/9/07 10:35 AM
5. wicked intro to podcasting and new technologies — view it and let’s figure out a way to make it happen Thu, 8/9/07 10:35 AM
6. good basic overview Thu, 8/9/07 10:35 AM
7. Our marketing team needs to have a better understanding of social marketing and its something we need to incorporate into our strategic marketing plan in the future. Thu, 8/9/07 10:34 AM
8. As most, interesting, informative and packed with residual benefits – always good resource material associated. Thu, 8/9/07 10:34 AM
9. it was a useful webcasting 101 kind of tutorial Thu, 8/9/07 10:34 AM
10. great 30,000 ft. view of what you need to consider for next year’s marketing plan/budget Thu, 8/9/07 10:33 AM
11. Jeremiah did a great job presenting information that can be somewhat techno geeky to we novices. Thu, 8/9/07 10:32 AM
12. great insight into ways you can extend your brand using new technologies. Thu, 8/9/07 10:32 AM
13. Marketing Profs is as essential to your business success as your phones. Never stop learning from the best in the industry. Thu, 8/9/07 10:32 AM
14. Great overview to Social Media Thu, 8/9/07 10:31 AM
15. Great overview! Thu, 8/9/07 10:31 AM
16. Attend this with a tape recorder turned on. Thu, 8/9/07 10:31 AM
17. Jeremiah gets the space on both a strategic and tactical level. Thu, 8/9/07 10:31 AM
18. Jeremiah held my attention throughout this webinar, which is tough to do! Thu, 8/9/07 10:11 AM
19. If you need a good primer, take the time. Thu, 8/9/07 10:11 AM
20. Very knowledgable.