Expanding the conversation: The Web Strategy Group

I’m pleased that the community has joined and is starting to form in Facebook’s Web Strategy group, an area I created to foster additional dialogue and learning for web decision makers rather than this blog.

Blogs are great, but serve me more as a podium then an equal level communication tool. I really encourage our community to form, which means folks will network, learn from each other, find new answers to problems and maybe even hire the right folks.

The Web Strategy Group in Facebook has broken the 1000 mark yesterday, although it’s only been in existing for a few weeks. So if you’re a web decision maker, please join the group and be with your peers.

Also, if you’re looking for the next great job as a Web Strategist, I’ve created this custom query of jobs in the United States for the web decision maker. If you’re seeking to hire, you can advertise those jobs on the same page, and I may help promote. Why not? with the community centralizing, your chances of finding a savvy professional are higher.