Top Media and Marketing Blogs? Web Strategy by Jeremiah clinches #24

This is great, this blog that you’re reading makes the list of the top media and marketing blogs, find out the top blogs according to Ad Age. Funny thing is, I don’t even consider this a Marketing blog, this is a “Web” blog. I find the integrated index is a good way to rank blogs, much better than relying on incoming links like Technorati does. Not bad, since I’ve only been on this domain for 14 or so months!

It’s interesting to note that many of the folks who scored better than I have SEO strategies. I’ve got one coming…stay tuned for details.

What’s my secret? I give away as much information as I can to help others (except the really important info to my employer), I really believe that the more you let go, the more will come back.

My wife says I need to ‘bump it up’ because 24 is a bad number in Chinese numerology. The Chinese words for twenty four translate to ‘easy death’ in cantonese…gulp.

link via my buds at compete.