Web Strategy Show: WebTrends focuses on Customer Engagement: Interview with Tim Kopp, CMO

Tim Kopp from Webtrends, one of the largest and oldest Web Analytics companies, shares with me the goal to measure Engagement, a term I’ve tried to define for some time. According to the news page on the Webtrends site, they are launching “WebTrends Unveils the Power to Measure Customer Engagement with Launch of WebTrends Marketing Lab 2”. They new product? It’s called “Score”.

“WebTrends Score is the industry’s only patented solution that measures and reveals which visitors offer the most potential value to your business. It’s a revolution in the measurement of visitor engagement that gives you the power to target your messaging, improve your conversions and build long-term loyalty.”

Engagement is a difficult attribute to measure (but highly coveted as the advertising dollars shift from TV to the web. For other videos, check out my interview with Eric Peterson or Avinash Kaushik of Google Analytics.