YearlyKos Convention 2007 on Ustream

There are over 2500 people watching this Ustream video of the Yearly Kos convention.

The CEO of Ustream Chris Yeh emailed me and suggests that “By the way, I checked, and right now C-SPAN is running the House of Reps,
C-SPAN 2 is running some author named Mike May at a Borders. That means that Ustream is, as far as I know, the ONLY live video coverage of this

Brad Hunstable the co-founder of Ustream is at the debate live streaming, he’s ‘jumping up and down’ trying to get his question asked.

Great lines from the debate with a tech focus:

Hillary Clinton: “The Architecture of the Internet needs to remain open”

Audience: Will the White House have a blogger?
John Edwards: “Yes, we will be hiring Elizabeth Edwards”

John Edwards’s Twitter message: “Just leaving the forum. Some great questions on media consolidation. On my way to the breakout session in RM s404 – hope to see you there.”

Barack Obama: “I’d love to answer everyone’s questions, but I won’t be able to, but that’s what the internet is for, hopefully we’ll have some back and forth there

Many of those from the audience who asked questions identified themselves as bloggers, and even said the name of their website.

It was interesting to watch folks in the chat, you can hear the voices of the people, their thoughts, what they thought was not authentic, their opinions. The voices of the people are talking back, influencing. Live streaming energizes the events of the world, this is why I advise this company, so exciting!

I’ve updated the list of Web Strategies of the 2008 Presidential Candidates, see how the battle is being waged online.