Web Strategy photos make the San Jose Mercury

This is great, one of my photos from my $300 Canon camera at the Techcrunch party made it to both the Techcrunch wrap up post, and then to the San Jose Mercury (both online and in print).

This just goes to show that you don’t need fancy gear to take meaningful shots. For this photo, I snuck up to the top balcony when no one was looking and squeezed off a few shots. I was using the flowers as a foreground for depth in the photo, I adjusted the light settings, and took a half a dozen shots. Later, I came home and desaturated the photo in photoshop, and posted it as my lead picture on my blog. I try to look for interesting angles (people often ask why I hold the camera up so high) and since it’s a very compact camera, I can hide it in my palm and take a shot of unsuspecting individuals when they’re not expected it (and those are often the best kind). It’s kind of a guerrilla style of photo taking.

Techcrunch 9 at August Capital
The original picture, which was featured on the Techcrunch post

Web strategy photo makes SJ Mercury
Photo in the San Jose Mercury with photo credits (Thanks Dave for getting the paper for me)

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