The term “MicroMedia” takes hold

Yesterday I tried to define what tools like Kyte, 3Jam, Facebook Video, and Twittergrams are. They’re bite sized versions of media, and often have mobile and social media hooks. Read about MicroMedia.

There’s been some discussion since that, Robert Scoble wrote a blog post on it, and then created a MicroMedia video in Facebook (you’ll have to be his friend to see it) with over a dozen comments. There was discussion on the need to create such a term in Twitter, It then evolved into StoryBlogging, which is a great theme that demonstrates the benefits of such media. Lastly, I wake up this morning to see it’s translated and discussed in Danish.

Global spread in just 24 hours of an idea, that’s the power of social media. Below you’ll see that Kyte gets ‘community’ and is keeping track of their brand on their comprehensive news page. They’ve even used my text as a quote. smart and savvy.