Events this week

I’m asked frequently by friends, clients, and others to invite them to events, perhaps the easiest way is for me to just publish them here on my blog. I recommend using as the best way to find out what events are going on, and more importantly, find out which one of your trusted friends are attending:

Tonight is a blogger dinner with Hugh and Loic in SF, I probally will not make it

Tuesday Mr Brown is going to swing by, he’s the top podcaster and blogger in Singapore.

Wednesday I’m going to be interviewed on a Hawaiian radio station, more news on that to come, Then Lunch 2.0 at Facebook, I’ll be going early to avoid the horrendous lines, these events are getting really popular, Facebook will be sure to be a smash.

Thursday I need to send in my slides to the Marketing Profs. I’m going to be hosting a webinar with them on the topic of audio, video, and streaming for marketers in a few weeks.

Friday? Dunno, go check