Let’s be honest, on the Web, Socialism just doesn’t work

Controversial? Maybe, but it’s true. I shocked folks the last time I said the problem with wikis is people.

There are many folks who believe this new movement is about power to the people, voices of the unheard, and wisdom of crowds. It doesn’t work in it’s purest form. A small group of individuals can too easily corrupt it.

I’ve experimented with many social media tools, from blogs, podcasts, twitter, wikis, collaboration tools, white label social networks, the list goes on and on. But yet I’ve continued to notice that these tools don’t work well when there’s equal power distributed. Why? Because one bad troll can ruin the experience for others.

I had this problem in a few wikis that I’ve setup, or helped watch. The power to completely overwrite other people’s content and vandalize it too tempting for some.

What to do? tools like Open ID, (or even Facebook) could provide a login systems with reputation and authority that would help filter.

I prefer tools where there’s moderator control, or ways for the community to vote up and down content, buy granting absolute power to the crowds ends up in chaos. Maybe the model for success is a representative democracy.