Web Strategy Group on Facebook continues to grow

(Right: The icon for the Web Strategy Group in Facebook, you must have a Facebook account to access the group)

Jason from the Blog Business Summit has put together a list of some of the top Facebook Groups. Here’s how Jason described the group:

“Web Strategy Group – One of the more active-minded groups on Facebook, it is dedicated to sharing ideas on web strategy with other smart, web-savvy people.”

Web Managers and Decision Makers are connecting
Just four days ago, (over a dozen posts ago) I promoted the group from this blog. At the time, there were 468 members in the group. Today, there are 691 folks, and that’s 47% growth in just a few days.

Top discussions in the group:

  • What’s your methodology for understanding User Needs?
  • What’s your official Title? What makes you a Web Strategist?
  • What comes first? determining the priority of your website
  • How do you work collaboratively with your stakeholders?
  • Why do I encourage this group? I’m glad to see the web strategy community come together, grow, and learn from our peers. There’s many different tools to use, as a blog is like a ‘keynote speech’, but a community group is more like a ‘social mixer’ where everyone is one equal ground. So get in and join, learn, ask questions and grow!