Web Strategy Analysis (Part 2/2): Homepage Breakdown of Tech-related Personal blogs in Technorati 100

You must read this first to understand this post: Yesterday, in my previous analysis, I did some homepage breakdowns for the top 10 blogs in Technorati. In the comments, I was asked to make a conclusion or a suggestion to what I found. I looked at the top personal blogs in the 100 rank and found far less advertising.

The following blogs meet these requirements:

  • Personal Blogs (written by one person)
  • Focus on Technology (it would be too much work to do all personal blogs)
  • In the Technorati Top 100
  • Methodology
    Same as yesterday, I took screenshots and put overlays for five categories: identity, navigation, search, content, and advertising.

    [Finding: The Top 10 Blogs in Technorati resemble online eMagazines, and have more homepage advertising than the tech related single authored blogs in the Top 100]

    Findings, Conclusions, and Analysis:

  • Tech related personal blogs in the Technorati 100 have far less advertising than the top 100 blogs by average, compare the “red zones”.
  • All of the top 10 related blogs are written by groups, some resemble online magazines more than a personal blog.
  • It’s being debated in my comments if having advertising reduced the credibility of a blog

  • 17) Guy Kawasaki
    How to Change the World Entrepreneurship, marketing, venture capital, & evangelism
    Authority: 8,760
    Homepage Analysis: Guy Kawasaki

    33) Robert Scoble
    Authority: 6,681
    Homepage Analysis: Robert Scoble

    54) Jason Kottke
    kottke.org : home of fine hypertext products
    Authority: 5,219
    Homepage Analysis: Kottke

    65) Joel Spolsky
    Joel on Software
    Authority: 4,808
    Homepage Analysis: Joel of Software

    73) Steve Rubel
    Steve explores how technology is transforming marketing, media and public relations.
    Authority: 4,508
    Homepage Analysis: Steve Rubel

    95) Hugh MacLeod
    gapingvoid: “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards”
    Authority: 3,710
    Homepage Analysis: Gaping Void

    Please view Part 1: Top 10 blogs for comparison. Let me know what you think. It made techmeme.