Feedback Websites appear: The extranet is no longer owned by the company

Thank god. I’m so sick of having to login and create customer accounts for every product I own. There’s a few companies that are appearing (some intentionally and some not) that are becoming support websites for companies.

Get Satisfaction
This site, started by Lane and Thor in SF is looking to standardize support for all products on one website. This is very disruptive to companies, as users will start to research products there before purchasing them. Get Satisfaction will have to figure out how to weed out the marketers. Here’s their focus:

Satisfaction™ is a new way for customers and organizations to work together to get answers, solve problems, and create new and better products & services. For both customers and companies, customer service has never been easier (or more fun).

Feedback 2.0
I just discovered Feedback 2.0 from Stephane Lee. This French born website is aimed at B2B support and services. They have a unique view on how support should be done, they’re trying to bring the power back to the companies:

When we saw the way forums were popping up on the net and in real life, out of the companies’ and brand’s control, we developed the following vision :

* The brands and organizations should recover the right to participate in these discussions.
* Their role in the organization of these discussions is sensible.
* Their participation in the ongoing conversation is fundamental if they want to explain their choices and points of view.
* If they do not, they then shall be marginalized and will have to face uncontrolled influences.

Social networks
I’m going to say the “F” word, yup. Facebook is quickly becoming a user group for every product, company and service. Do a search within the groups section of Facebook and you’ll be amazed at how many products are listed. I quickly created the community group for my company, in order to centralize, if you’re a community person, you should too.