The future of Corporate Websites in 2010-2013

Just got off the phone with a person doing research at a very large technology corporation, they are doing research for their website and asked me what I though websites would be like in 3-5 years as they are planning out their web strategy.

Here’s a summary of what I predicted:

1. content will be amorphous (content will take many forms and shapes, from RSS to widgets)
2. content will be ubiqutous (content will be access everwhere)
3. Communications are moving from asynchronous to real time
4. Existing corporate websites are irrelevant, and they will become community websites
5. Employees and customers will be communicating in real time, openly and collaborating on the live web. In fact, we’re starting to see some technologies already appear, like Facebook, Ustream (I advise them) and PublicSquare
6. Corporate websites will become more ‘human’ and employees personas will show through.
7. Online video will be a huge factor, either live, or archived
8. Corporate web marketing will spread way off the corporate domain to where communities have formed elsewhere on the web.
9. The truth that the brand is owned by those that are involved in the conversation will hold true
10. Corporations are media companies (even if they are not now) and employees and customers will be creating the media collectively

I gave a lot of concrete examples, features, and companies and technologies to look at, it was far to extensive to discuss here. In fact, each of the points above are already full blog posts that I’ve already written.

Love to hear your feedback, what do you think corporate websites will look like in 3-5 years? What did I miss?