Ustream launches the “Black Book Series” Episode 1 with Guy Kawasaki

I’m at the Ustream headquarters in Palo Alto with the team, (I’m an adviser to the company) and they just launched the Black Book Series, an idea I suggested to Johnny and Brad the founders.

The way the show works is that different guests are interviewed on this show, and there are pre-created questions as well as (most importantly) questions from the audience. The first guest? Guy Kawasaki!

The audience is part of the show, as they can guide the questions, talk to each other, and engage in side commentary.

Awesome first show with Guy, the way it works is that he has recommended 3 author guests to appear, you’ll never know who’s going to show up, so subscribe to the show.

Want to find out about future black book shows? Subscribe to the Black Book Series on their twitter profile.

Picture 876Guy has a sandal with a storage area for liquidsJohnny manages the chat room, and fields questionsPicture 865