The problems with Social Media and the Wisdom of Crowds

My cousin Kevin sent me this interesting article The cult of the amateurr that takes shots at blogs, wikis, social networks, and the overall social media movement. It’s good to explore all sides of an issue. So let’s discuss where Social Media doesn’t work.

Here’s a few reasons where social media doesn’t work:

Opinions vs Facts and Analysis
“what the Web 2.0 revolution is really delivering is superficial observations of the world around us rather than deep analysis, shrill opinion rather than considered judgment.” Opinions, viewpoints, individual thoughts, who cares? I’ve been in this debate many times, typically with the journalism community who want fact clearly separated from opinion. Could it be that experts in every (and I mean every) field now have a voice and can share it?

Amateurs provide crappy content

I’ve been criticized a few times for my crappy grammar and spelling. Get over it, because I already have. As long as my message makes sense, I’m not going to spend the additional time to fix it.

“Since contributors to Wikipedia and YouTube are frequently anonymous, it’s hard for users to be certain of their identity — or their agendas”. True. This is why I believe that an identity system will be key, I predict Facebook will be a big factor in this.

Google rewards those that are popular and interesting
, rather than information that is correct.
Oh boy, is this one every true? I know so many A-listers that say bombastic and untrue opinions in order to gain links. The best ones? “X is dead” or “why X Industry is a sham”.

“Crowds are not very wise”
This is true, but applies to individuals as well as crowds. Is it possible that a crowd is no more wise percentage wise than any individual?

Socialism doesn’t work online
This is actually one that I realized, as there are NO public wikis that are not vandalized. It doesn’t work. Giving equal power to all members and letting them have the ability to radically alter others work always leads to vandals and trolling.

Noise vs Signal
Blogs, social networks, twitter, just a bunch of noise. To some, this content is excessive and irrelevant. To small groups of people every type of content and passion is important. Small, distinct, focused communities will band together and their conversations will be signal of a high degree of relevancy. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Love to hear some thoughts from you, what’s wrong with Social Media?