Lee Lefever on the Common Craft Show

This is one of my all time favorite video blogs, at first, I was worried this would be just a series of one-offs, but Lee has created a handful of “web in plain English” videos called the Common Craft Show. There’s something to say about an expert who can communicate to anyone. Update: Lee has thanked his fan base, and I’m at the top of the list.

Really easy to understand, very succinct, and very helpful. If only consultants and lawyers could speak so clearly.

Below: Three videos, if you’re reading from a feedreader or email and don’t see them, view this post in a browser.

Social media in plain English, great starter video. Update: now the videos can be seen in many languages

Understanding Blogs

Above: Understanding Social Networks

Above: Understanding Wikis

Above: Understanding RSS

Above: Understanding Social Bookmarking

Above: Understanding Google Docs

Above: Using WetPaint

Above: PR Web, the social press release

What other topics could they do next? APIs, Blogs, Mashups, Identity, Podcasts, Facebook, Video Stremaing, and Media!