Delta Airlines has not reacted to citizen media, and hasn’t apologized

I was really hoping that Delta Airlines (newsroom) would apologize after this week’s citizen video raging appearing on YouTube, and the blogosphere. I’ve gone to their website nearly everyday, and have not seen any apology or retribution for the delayed and miserable customers. CC Chapman had a horrible experience in the past, I wonder if anyone apologized to him?

What would be an appropriate way to respond? If Delta was my client, I would use similar media to “fight fire with fire”. I’d have a senior executive give a sincere apology and offer the customers a free round trip ticket for their pains. Maybe a live Ustream that allowed a few of the customers to ask questions, and then have it archived and put on a variety of video networks and linked from the Delta news room.

This is an industry where the barriers to switching are very low, every move counts when it comes to me making a decision on flying.

Take a look at Dell, a company that has learned to quickly react, we now know what happens when A company apologizes and life goes on.