Will a spike leave residual traffic? (and about those errors)

Digg traffic is notorious for a huge spike then a return to normal traffic with residual effects. Last night Julio Garcia text messaged me that I was on Digg from coverage at Searchnomics conference. I noticed at the Marissa Mayar keynote that I was one of the few or only bloggers that were live blogging, I guess my hard work paid off.

I’ll guess that 5% of this traffic will stay with me over the next week, but it you’re here because of Digg, stick with me if you want to learn about Web Strategy, how companies use the web to connect with customers. I think that I was submitted by my new friend at Pro Net Advertising, who you should consider hiring if you like traffic.

I live my blogging life pretty open, and I’ve published a link to my traffic today, as well as my stats for the last 12 months. I don’t have “A-list” traffic, but I’m ok with that.

Look for me today on Zooomr TV, I’ll be heading over to the Palo Alto Apple story for the circus.

Update: I’m getting reports that people are having a hard time leaving comments on my blog, and some IE users are getting an error that says “Stack error at line 7”. When I look at my source code, that points directly to the javascript line of Google Analytics. I think this is just due to this Digg traffic, so bear with me. This is the first time this started happening that I know of, so I’m hoping it will go away.

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