Lunch 2.0 at SimplyHired

Just got back from Lunch 2.0 at Simplyhired, right after the iPhone mania, they had Indian food (and we’re hand making Naan there) gave away squirt guns, were playing four square (I told you it was taking off) and I even made a tie dye shirt.

They’re hiring too! Careers at Simply Hired: System Administrator, Web Applications Engineers, C# and PHP Web Developer, VP Product & Marketing, and Account Executive.

I talked to a few of the developers about the ‘widget’ they’ve deployed into myspace a while back. I encouraged them to get involved with Facebook as quickly as possible, I think they’re already going down that path. Have you read my predictions on the open/close networks?

There was about 200 people there at this well planned event. When I told the iPhone line that I was going to Lunch 2.0 they told me to bring the party back over, I have a feeling it was an equally good time.

We missed the community manager Damon, who’s out in Thailand right now.

If you’re not familiar with Lunch 2.0, you can learn how it got started from this video.

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