iPhone Mania, the Geeks at the Palo Alto Apple Store

I stopped by the Apple Store last night, then went home to my nice bed, I’m not buying an iPhone but am impressed by the buzz that a company has been able to generate for a handheld computer. Steve Jobs is a master marketer, and his technology is ok too.

I stopped by again this morning, there are nearly 100 people there in line, many companies are providing free shirts, free food, and free prizes. The press was there, TV stations, ustream stations, JustinTV, Digg, Rev 3, Zooomr, PodTech, and many other companies. Many folks from the community were at this street fair. Scoble has the story, and I attribute him for being the first and second in line (him and his boy) and getting so many marketers to come down and feed them.

I guess what I’m most impressed about is the clever marketing that’s happening. Zooomr used it’s stickers as the “placecards” for determine the order who is going to buy a phone, smart, every person in line who wants an iPhone has a zooomr sticker on them. Smugmug, an apple store, and others gave away free shirts.

Even Apple came out and handed out water, good show.

I jumped on the Zooomr TV show for a while, at one time there was 700 people watching us, you should join in right now.

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