Street Party at Palo Alto Apple store

I’ll see you tonight, we’re having a street party at the Palo Alto Apple store at University Avenue. There’s a lot of media being created, from the mainstream press, to Zooomr TV doing it live. Jeff Clavier says that Robert and Patrick are the first two people there. They were there at 11:30 when I was in the area. I ran into Ross Mayfield on the street, and I know that Kevin Rose, Thomas Hawk, Kris Tate are also there.

Apple iPhone for me? Nah, over hyped and over priced, as I understand it the total cost of ownership for the first year will be way over $2000 when you add up provider costs. Lastly, remember when the first gen iPod came out? Look at it now, what a clunker, I’ll wait for future generations.

Yeah, I’m busy, from a 7am Second Life tour to being at this conference this afternoon then on to the events tonight, see you there!

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