Citizen Journalism: Delta Airlines Passengers Stranded for 7 Hours on Tarmac

I heard about this from a few people I talked to today, the consumerist, and even my wife was watching it on the news this morning. It sounds like a hellish experience. Delta Airlines unfortunately had it’s passengers, crew, and plan stranded on the Tarmac for 7 hours, which was Delta Flight 6499 JFK to DFW on June 25, 2007. Although nothing to do with Web Strategy, it does have something to do with Citizen Journalism.

Remember when Jet Blue had a similar incident? They made a public apology using online video. A social media consultant, I recommend that Delta respond quickly, authentically, and try to repair the damage. If you work for Delta, you can contact me, my email is on the top right of my blog.

The only thing I see on the Delta news page is positive news about Delta. Did I tell you that I believe that irrelevant corporate websites need to evolve? This is a great example.

Remember corporate folks, there are no more secrets, they just haven’t been discovered yet.

It’s kinda like you’re married! Apologize fast and sincere and fix the problem! Then apologize again!