Live Streaming changes Communication: Financial Times and Ustream CEO

I had a nice conversation with Chris Nutall, who’s reporting from the Financial Times on Live Video Streaming: “Website founder gets everything but the girl“, he asked me for an Analyst Perspective of the budding industry, an area that I’m watching very carefully. Actually, I wouldn’t mind doing some detailed analysis on this industry, I just don’t have the time at the moment.

He quoted me in the article, I see three things happening:

1) The web is moving from asynchronous to real-time
2) Content is being created everywhere and consumed everywhere –it’s ubiqutous
3) Content is being mashed into new formats, it’s constantly changing as it’s amorphous

Why are finance communities paying attention to what’s happening on the web? Everyone wants to invest in the next Google or the company that will be acquired by them. It’s really a crab shoot right now, there are so many players in each space, how to choose? I recommend staying close to the bloggers, who are early indicators of trends, and influence usage.

By the way, I started a media and press page that keeps track of my ‘clippings’, for some reason my family are more impressed by that than a link from an A-lister blogger. meh, go figure.

Update: Chris Yeh the Ustream CEO is on Marketing Voices, he talks about how live streaming provides deeper brand engagement, see below. You’ll learn about the Chris Pirillo’s “open source show”, Chris Dodd’s presidential campaign, and how zooomr turned a failure into a success.