What are the most popular websites in Asia? Watch this video to find out

If you don’t know the top entertainment and gaming websites in Asia (the largest amount of internet users comes from Asia, and that trend will only continue) then listen to this interview I did of Singapore’s top technology and social media bloggers and influencers.

Who was there?

Mr Brown: mrbrownshow.com or mrbrown.com
James Seng – james.seng.sg
Bill Claxton – itr8.com
Ming Yeow – mingyeow.com
Peter Du – dusenyao.wordpress.com
Wayne Soh
Yong Zhen Hoe

Here’s the websites they mentioned:

Websites, Entertainment and Blogs

Mr Brown is the top blog in Singapore
Sina.com, Chinese
soho.com china (thanks Thomas Han)
mop.com, china
cyworld, social network (people wanted cyworld dollars)

Defense of the Ancients (DOTA)
Maple story
Swordsman (china) unsure of URL
Audition (korea, vietman) like DDR

Miniclips says Lucas, you gotta listen to his description, he’s awesome!

See my previous coverage of the online gaming industry.

Have you heard of Entrepreneur27?
I know you’ve heard of The Digital Movement, (my thoughts here). One group that I didn’t get to meet was the Entrepreneur27 group, they’re pretty similar to TDM except that the founders have worked in Silicon Valley for at least a year (just like Mingyeow) and they are trying to bring the best of Silicon Valley back to Singapore. Their main focus? web and enterpreneurship. They’ve even had an unconference. They’ve gotten some support for the National University of Singapore to sponsor an incubator of sorts called Garge3. Royston Tay has given me a warm introduction.