Back from Singapore, my predictions were right about LinkedIn (And now Plaxo)

Wow, what an amazing week. I got to meet some of Singapore’s top bloggers, technologists, and even had a meeting with some of Singapore’s government who’s responsible for the growth of new business and media, more news on that to come. It was really an amazing time, and I’m glad to be back.

I’m back just in time too, as I have a phone interview with the Financial Times this Sunday afternoon for an article that they’re writing on live streaming, an area I’m focused on.

One thing for sure, the area here in the bay area is perfect, compared the humid sweltering of south east Asia. What’s most intersting is to see that LinkedIn has decided to open up a platform, I just wrote a piece yesterday saying why this is important, and last week too. I guess we were all on the same path.

Update: Plaxo is releasing their platform too, Scoble has a very high quality video demo and interview.