What happened at Supernova? (for those of us who weren’t there)

I was invited to attend Supernova as a blogger/media but I wasn’t able to attend as I was in Singapore the last week. I had dinner with James Seng last night in Supernova, and he told me he was tuning in, from the backchannel as well as Ustream. He knows I’m an adviser to Ustream and asked me to relay to the team to put priority on the audio feed to play over video during bandwidth challenges, listening is more important than watching.

I’m reading up on what happened at Supernova, here’s a few of the key things I’m seeing from the blogs:

I always look for Shel’s write-ups after conferences, they are always thoughtful, detailed, and find the ‘higher’ message and theme, all from his personal point of view.

Shel suggests this Conferenza post is a good wrap-up, apparently there was a lot of energy at the event.

Web Video Streaming is being adopted so quickly. Frank Gruber has some analysis about BlogTV. (Frank, take a look at some of my posts lately on AOL, your name came up)

A shouting match over net neutrality happened again. Apparently Bush pisses off the techies, which fuels this even farther.

Geeks are showing off how many stickers they have on their laptops. Me? I’m removing many of mine, it looks too cluttered, and I meet with a lot of corporate types, so I don’t want to overwhelm them, you know how brand sensitive they are, kidding.

Marketers felt a bit squirmy at some of the sessions, as they were being criticized as not doing it right. I wish I was in that room, I would have added some points on how I did it right with my blogging program at Hitachi, to start with, we learned how to listen first.

Here are the best and worst companies at Supernova that presented in a demo like event.

Renee Blodget has a wonderful face gallery to see who was at the event. I see more diversity in these pictures, I’m not sure if was the conference or the subjects Renee took, either way, it’s a good thing.

Supernova is keeping track of conversations at their conversation hub, additional coverage.

Did I miss any key summary or photoblogs? If so, please leave a comment below. By the way, I don’t regret missing supernova, I learned so much over here hanging with Asia’s top tech and social media folks, plus we had an amazing dinner last night, see pics.