Media Consumption in Asia, Spending habits still not Proportionate

Walter Lim has some stats from a recent PR and media presentation he attended. Here are the media consumption habits in Asia from his blog:

Media Consumption Patterns in Asia (time spent):
Internet 47%
TV 29%
Radio 12%
Newspaper 8%
Magazines 5%

However, this is how brand managers are spending!

TV 42%
NEwspaper 38%
Radio 9%
Posters 5%
Periodicals 5%
Bus/Taxis 2%
Cinema 1%

This was also discussed at Ad Tech (A very large advertising conference in San Francisco) that the market has yet to match advertising dollars to where people really are. I’m actually ok with that, I look forward to after 2010, where the money will start to roll into this industry. Why? Because we’re still getting things figured out, this industry is still nascent. I believe it’s an “And” by the way. The internet is a convergence platform that will be connected and used with other media platforms, and that’s what makes it so unique.