Live Video Streaming goes crazy, meet one of Asia’s top Video Streamers: Kevin Lim

I attended Supernova last year, I’m not able to attend this year as I’m in Singapore.

I’m seeing that the Supernova conference is going absolutely nuts with live streaming, there are so many different individuals and companies that are doing this now, I’m sure it will spread to other parts of the world. Also, Ryan Ozawa is getting to be known as Hawaii’s top live streamer.

Do you have a bad memory? Or maybe just too much media to consume? Kevin Lim is aiming to fix that. Last night I had the pleasure of spending a few minutes talking to Kevin Lim who is one of the top mobile video stars. He has an incredible bag of hardware, he’s getting life content, retrieving it for future use. Although he’s in Singapore, he’s going to school in New York, where he’s pursuing how to work in this life capturing technology into something greater.

Video: I quick tour of Kevin Lim’s Social Cyborg armament.