Greetings from tropical Bintan Island in Indonesia

Yesterday we visited Bintan island in Indonesia, (Google satellite map) it was my first day of real vacation in this job, (yup I actually filled out the PTO forms) I actually didn’t bring my laptop. I always feel hesitant to post posts not related to web strategy, but given the feedback of previous posts, people like my pictures. I don’t have a great camera, so I end up taking a lot of pictures with my $300 consumer camera, in hopes that a few will turn out ok.

I’m told that the best beaches are in Malaysia and Indonesia, so we took an hour long ferry. Towards the bottom, we came back to Singapore and had dinner at the quay’s, and had some Indonesian food.

I took a video from the resort if you want to see and hear the amazing experience.

Picture 1951Picture 1999Picture 1982Picture 1971Picture 1991Picture 2008Sand Crab designsPicture 2054Frozen honeydew treatsPicture 2092Picture 2014Picture 2095I got a massage.Indonesian foodSingapore's Clarke QuaySingapore's Clarke Quay