Silicon Valley Sightings: AOL

An omen?

Not sure what happened to this AOL van, but it looks stalled.

This is the company we rarely hear about anymore, what are they up to lately? I’ve a few friends that used to work there or still do, some expressed to me it’s very corporate and innovation is difficult to get moving. What has AOL done to stay relevant in today’s 2.0 space? Google has done tremendous work and is one of the platforms for mashups and is deeply rooted in many areas, Yahoo has delicious, flickr, upcoming, pipes, mybloglog, the brickhouse. is gunning a huge rebranding advertising campaign that confuses many, but what has AOL done since Jason Calacanis has left?

If you know of current AOL innovation (or even work there) please leave a comment. Heck, if it’s really interesting I’ll swing by and video it for the Web Strategy Show.

Update: Frank Gruber and Jen came over to PodTech to show me the new MyAOL, I take back what I said, AOL is innovating. While certainly not cutting edge, they are making strides in the right direction.