Notes from IX 2007 a focus on Convergence, Collaboration and Creativity (Day 2)

These are incomplete notes, I’ll link to others that have notes, I’m getting pulled into different meetings and can’t devote as much time as I would want, thanks.

Is your enterprise ready for Rich Media? Lynda Brown provides the IX conference a curtain raising speech, she provides a fantastic overview of how social media is impacting the enterprise. I like her point that ther are many identities being mashed into one.

What is rich media? It’s Responsive, Interactive, Content that Helps. Brilliant!

Mike Downey of Adobe gave a great presentation with an overview to Rich internet applications. He addressed the need for web-based and client based web applications, the future will be a hybrid type of model. Ebay and Adobe are working together to make a desktop version of Ebay. Mike also showed the rich functionality of Scrapblog

Douglas Merrill of Google on Enterprise 2.0

Douglas Merrill of Google is here to talk about Enterprise 2.0: Consumer Applications on the Corporate Desktop. He gave the Google mission: organize all the world’s information.

Key points
-75% – 80% of IT budgets are spent maintaining old systems –trying to breathe will yield little innovation.
-Professional services often cost three times the cost of enterprise software.
-There’s no economy of scale when ERP software is highly customized
-Innovation is drive by consumer applications
-Very few 404 pages are ever found from Google results
-Talks about Google checkout, being a safe and secure application

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