Notes from IX 2007 a focus on Convergence, Collaboration and Creativity (Day 1)

As you know, I’m here on a mission to understand Singapore’s tech industry, adoption of Social Media and to share what I know.

We’re at Singapore’s gorgeous SunTec Convention center, despite a bit of rains last night, I’m expecting a great day.

There was an active backchannel using 37 Signals Campfire application, nearly all of the users were adding to the conversations, asking questions. The panel moderators were asking questions from the backchannel, great job. In the US, we’ve reduced the use of public back channels as there’s been some.

Session notes

Opening keynote by Pek Yew Chai followed by Anders of Henton of Denmark.

Chan Yang Kit, the CEO of Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore. Historically, the IT market has been a state of re-growth after the crash in 2001. (I was right in the middle of it at Exodus Communications in Santa Clara, CA). There’s a new growth in IT and Communications, job growth, industry demand and renewed interest.

There was an interesting discussion in the back channel with the lack of support from formal education for new media programs. I left the following comment: “Although some savvy educators are grasping these new tools, do a search on “education 2.0” –like all things, it takes time.”

Business Forum –A Vision for growth
The next panel had a huge focus on adoption of New Media services for Singapore and other countries. The focus? Small and Medium sized enterprises. What comes first? Adoption by consumers or producers? What’s a fad, and what’s a trend? How to get started. At some point in the conversation we shifted to Cisco’s move to adopt and embrace Web 2.0. With the acquisition of WebEx (Five Across and Tribe too)

A presentation of Digital worlds was presented by Linden Labs, also mentioned was hipihi, home, kaneva,, entropia and others. This was an overview. If you want more information on digital worlds, I’ve tagged my posts with MMORPG.

I headed over to Singapore University, to present to The Digital Movement group, it was a good presentation, although I suspect that the audience was probably more sophisticated that I was. I presented the graphic that I believe that corporate websites are irrelevant, and it was suggested that it was similar to those in 2000 saying that brick based companies are going away to be completely replaced by online ones. I defended my cavalier stance, times are changing.

The back channel was very active today at the Academic Forum, lots of great information and knowledge being passed between groups. Mike Downey did a great demo and presentation, as did Louis Broome of Microsoft. While Mike was demoing Adobe Air (formerly Apollo) this interesting comment appeared in the back channel: “Microsoft will ask why not Silverlight. Google will ask why not Google Gears… and Sun will ask why not JavaFX…”. We also looked at a page turning component, interesting effect.

Lynda Brown also gave a great talk, I like her criteria for adding people to her facebook account, depends on how many friendly drinks she’s had with folks, a good way to gauge trust and familiarity. Her final thoughts were great.

Singapore is a leader in IT infrastructure and is a major provider, hub and regional leader for telecommunications and communications. It’s interesting to see the dynamic shift of how new media is changing the perspectives of the industry. A group of young enterprenuers and thought leaders The Digital Movement (which has close ties to the University) appears to be spearheading the social media movement,.

If there’s one thing to remember is that these tools are just that, tools to connect people to build things greater. It’s not just a technology shift, it’s a mind shift as power comes to those that participate, and it often happens at the edges of the company or at the bottom of the traditional power structures.

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