The “Irrelevant Corporate Website” goes Global –translated to German

About two weeks ago, I launched an idea that the Corporate Website is Irrelevant (read tihs first), for many of us, we already knew that, but now it’s more clear. While there are many corporate websites that are evolving into the Community Website (congrats) there’s still quite a bit of resources at every corporation that are dedicated to making the corporate site as the primary web marketing vehicle. I think that’s changing, and so do others.

I’m keeping track to some (but not all) of the voices that are chiming in, adding to the conversation, please see the growing list of commenters from this post. Technorati shows all who are linking to that post.

Most interestingly is that the post was translated to German by Jorg Weisner, and I saw from Technorati that it spread to several places on the German blogosphere. I’m not quite sure what’s being said, but I’ve used a few crude German > English translators, and suspect there’s some healthy discussions happening.

If you want to translate the post to your native tongue, I’d appreciate it, and I’d feature you prominently.