Singapore beckons

Singapore water and skyline

After a 20 hour flight, we made it beautiful Singapore, above you can see some of the sky/waterline. The weather? hot and humid. Did you know this is one of the highest per capita nations and cities in all of Asia, and the primary language is English? If you’re reading this blog, you can get around just fine. What else did I learn? Owning a car is expensive here, and it’s better to just use the local taxi industry. The flats here are just as expensive as San Francisco (about $600-700k), but you get a highly developed, clean, and safe city. I just heard on the news that Singapore is actually more expensive to live in than New York!

Did you know that Singapore has one of the highest per capita incomes in all of Asia? This makes it a desirable place for many large companies to open up regional offices here as a base of operations. (I see a very tall Hitachi building here).

I spent much of the day yesterday with Bill Claxton who’s running the IX conference, I told him that it seems like a smart move to invite some of the leaders of the tech industry (many from Silicon Valley) over to Singapore to present, share, and learn from the Singapore audience, it’s almost like transplanting an educational session. Bill’s been a wonderful host, he greeted me personally at the airport, took us to our Hotel and then out to dinner and the night safari later that evening. I’ve spoken at quite a few conferences, Bill earns the title as most friendly conference host, thanks Bill.

There’s quite a few folks that are excited about the discussions we’re going to have, from Bjorn, James Seng, and Kevin Lim.

I’ll be posting some other pics as the week progresses. My mission? To learn about the Singapore web industry.

View from deck chairSwanky DeckMass construction view from HotelPicture 1171Picture 1173Yes, that's a 747 on top of the freewayPicture 1259Picture 1249Picture 1254Oriental Hotel, SingaporeOriental Hotel, SingaporePicture 1216Picture 1226Picture 1265Picture 1270Huge Boa (not the feather kind)