Headed to Singapore, exploring Tech Industry

In a few days I’m headed to Singapore to speak at the IX 2007 conference, as rich media hits the corporate enterprise, technologists need to prepare, understand the changing media needs. I’ll be presenting corporate media strategies as well as a primer course on social media to the local university. Will be getting a bit of rest and relaxation, taking a few days off.

James Seng has been instrumental in helping me organize and get coordinated, as well as Sebastian Deschamps, who even helped me organize some side trips to Tioman Island.

A few weeks ago, I organized a blogger dinner on June 21st in Singapore, it’s now grown into a full blown event (Sign up here), Steve Ng Ming Yeow emailed me and asked me if TDM could sponsor dinner and invite some entrepreneurs, sounds like a mini-web conference. I sense he has the same entrepreneurial spirit as the likes of Om Malik and Arrington. I’m waiting for him to give me the link and I’ll add it to this post.

Steve Ng Ming Yeow who runs The Digital Movement, Nexus 2007 and recently organized the much talked about BlogOut (I see references to this in many of the Singapore blogs)

I’ve been reading up on a few of the technology blogs in Singapore, I’m trying to better understand the tech, business and media sector, will tell folks back in Silicon Valley. Here’s a few sites that I’m checking out, Tommorow, an aggregator of blogs.

I was curious about some of the social media and tech blogging community and asked James Seng and Steve provided me with some reading, they came up with this list:

Moblog – Largest mobile blogging community in Singapore
STOMP.com.sg – The online, user generated arm of the one of the largest publishing house in Asia, SPH
Choon Keat (Sharedcopy.com, RssFwd) , Chandra ( Velvet Puffin)
Media Socialists – PR folks + folks using social media for change – Led by Kevin Lim, a popular local social media blogger. (I’ve been interacting with Ivan Chew for some time)
WebSG.org – Web Standards Group in Singapore
Ping.sg – Popular Digg Like Community for local blogs. Led by U-Zyn
Nuffnang – Ad placement for blogs in Asia (similar to Federated Media)
SGEntrepreneuers – Blog covering local entrepreneurial scene by Bernard Leong
Marketing Magazine– Blog by the folks of Marketing Magazine Singapore
There’s also a social media directory of Singapore’s active

Most importantly, I hope I don’t get hijacked by Sheylara, she looks dangerous! If you’re new to web-strategist, you can check out my details on my profile page, you may find it interesting that I’m fifth generation cantonese american.


-June 20th Speaking at Academic Forum ( Singapore Management University), it’s free for students women entrepreneurs, flash developers, and new media practitioners . Evening reception for conference attendees.
-June 21st Speaking at Main congress session.
-June 21st Evening: Event organized by Steve Ng Ming Yeow (sign up details here)
-I’ll be doing a few video interviews for the Web Strategy Show

Hoping to meet a lot of new technologists.