Web Strategy Reading, A Roundup, June 12, 2007

Here’s some interesting reads I’ve been collecting over the past week

Chip has some interesting analysis in this 10 points list about the future of media.

The future of computing? Mobile devices
How does this impact how the web is accessed and used?

MMORPG Eve Online gets political

How the online world impacts the real world

More proof online data storage becomes a feature to be found everywhere

I said it’s like ‘free checking’ of the web world.

Learning about Page Rank

Curious to what a Buzz Director is?
Learn more about this type of new role, a lot of metaphors here.

Site Segmentation: Yahoo launches Gay Lesbian Avatars

7 reasons Joost could fail
Technology, Team, Business, markets, there’s many reasons why a business could fail.

Red Interactive has a great website
Try moving the character around, it’s mesmerizing.

Can blogging get you a job?

It helped me to get my job, I’m sure it can help you.

Details on the new Google Analytics interface

Trend watch: Project Entropia
Have you seen this virtual world? It appears to be geared for fantasy businesses.

Nicholas says I’m his new Steve Rubel
That’s some big shoes to fill