Ustream servers wincing at Steve Jobs and his shiny toys, which is a bigger disruption?

One of companies I’m very excited about and that I’m on the board of advisers has just reported from their blog that they had their biggest day of visitors and streamers. Why? Steve Jobs, and all his fancy white and black gadgets, that’s why.

“Thanks to Ustreamers like iPhone Alley, we shattered all our previous traffic records. Over 75,000 streamers tuned into listen to this live broadcast alone.”

This is disruptive in two ways:

First is shows that live video web streaming is coming to the fore-front of new technology. I’ve reduced my live blogging efforts when I can just setup a cam and listen.

Secondly, this is disruptive. Disruptive to events and TV. With over 75,000 people checking out the event, that was certainly way more than could have ever joined in real life. The cost for the streamers? A webcam and a wireless connection, it’s that simple.